We are happy to announce the First Annual Broad-Israel Cell Circuits Symposium, which will be held June 10-12, 2013. The conference will take place at the Konrad Adenauer Conference Center located at Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem. The symposium is an initiative of the Klarman Cell Observatory, who in close partnership with the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), have established a Broad Institute–Israel Partnership for Cell Circuit Research . This program aims to bring together Broad and Israeli scientists to tackle major challenges in cell circuitry and includes funding for collaborative projects, a postdoctoral training program, and an annual symposium for Israeli and Broad scientists. The Symposium is co-organized by the Klarman Cell Observatory, the Broad Institute–Israel Partnership for Cell Circuit Research, the newly founded I-CORE Center for Chromatin and RNA in Gene Regulation, and the Hebrew University.